Hope Address


Homelessness isnt just about being without a home; you are actualy an outcast of society, unable to enter the system again.
The lack of a reliable adress, creates a repetitive cycle for homeless people, as they cant apply for a job, cant get mail, social aid/insurance, or get an opportunity to change their lives.


Hope address is an Airbnb initiative. 
Airbnb believes that everyone deserves a home, or the opportunity to have one, and a home can be more than a roof over your head; a simple mailbox, with the promise of better times, can be a home too.
Partnering with local NGOs Hope Address will register and install thousands of mailboxes in Berlin, so that now a homeless person can have the opportunity, to escape homelessness, and the hope for a better future.

CW: Iakovos Paris Nikiforakis.
AD: Changkyu Ku