It’s Paris, not Paris.

Lets get this straight; Once upon a time, a prince named Paris, stole a queen named Helen, the Trojan war , several books, poems and a horrible movie with Orlando Bloom and Brad Pit followed.
Lately there has even been a Netflix show.

Some historians even claim that the middle eastern conflicts originate from that event.
(The same that believe the moon landing was faked.)

But no, I am not French (even though I love French people) and no, Paris Hilton is not an ispiring persona in my life.

Born in Athens, I studied Politics, worked as a sailor, started my own company, and ended up in Advertising. Why?

I believe that Advertising has the power to change the world (and already has) and as long as our message is relevant to the public, they will listen to us.

Thus I strive for relevance.
Relevance that understands the how’s and whys of people. Relevance that reflects society, and changes it. To create messages, communicate causes, and change minds, perspectives and attitudes. Not to make just another product, but to create change, through the product.

This guy is my Art Director, have a look!



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